About Us

The Enterprise

Selam children village (Teshay Roschli Industrial and Agricultural Engineering Enterprise)’s experienced on the manufacturing of various products and machineries for the last thirty years. In these years Selam’s role in transferring of technologies is vital for the country and it was and is a center for technology incubation. For the last years Selam has worked on different kinds of machineries. 


To become the best competitive business firm and be the choice of customers by meeting and exceeding their needs and expectations.


The first mission of the enterprise is to produce and sale industrial and agricultural products and services to the satisfaction of its customer there by attaining profitability and the second enterprise’s mission is to make technology and knowledge transfer to contribute for the growth of the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia and then the last but not the least mission of the enterprise is to contribute higher profit to support the mission and objectives of selam children’s village( charity). 


The values of Teshay Roschli Industrial and Agricultural Engineering Enterprise are beliefs, which are upheld in common by its employees and management to put them into practice. They are the cumulative effect of personal and professional values which are shared and owned by all. Hence, the values are expressed by the staff of the enterprise as follows: 

o   Team sprit

o   Integrity

o   Customer focused

o   Transparency

o   Environment sensitive

o   Commitment